In a world that is increasingly becoming digital, the need for basic digital literacy skills has become a necessity.

The partnership between All Special Kids and Academy of New Educational Experiences and Technologies (Next Academy) in the ACCESS program has seen tremendous results in developing basic digital literacy skills among the students.

The ACCESS Program is exclusively designed to teach lifelong learning beyond the classroom, to meet the unique needs of young adults from 17 years and up. Adults who join the program may have diagnoses of Autism, AD(H)D, or other additional learning needs.

The students who participated in the digital activities offered by the academy achieved remarkable results in developing basic digital skills such as fast typing, working with a mouse, and working with browsers. Additionally, they gained skills in robotics with LEGO, coding, and game development.

Fast typing skills are crucial for efficient communication in the digital world, and working with browsers is essential for online research and communication. 

Furthermore, robotics with LEGO, coding, and game development are critical skills in the current technological age, and mastering them will provide a foundation to learn new professional skills that are planned for the next term.

The program has demonstrated the importance of digital literacy skills in personal development and the need for continued efforts to bridge the digital gap.