IT Summer Camps

A wide variety of digital workshops featuring LEGO ® robotics, 3D design & printing, drones, coding, game developments, and generative AI. As well as outdoor activities at least 3 hours per day.

Age groups: 6-8 & 9-12+.


The maximum number of is 14 children per week with 2 instructors.

What We Offer

Your child will discover the world of future technologies and spend holiday
time learning the new skills while having fun.

Small groups allow us to create personalized curriculum for every child based on these 6 topics:


From basic Lego robots to advanced microelectronics with Arduino, children will build, program, and bring their robotic creations to life.



3D Printing

Campers will design and print their own projects, adding personal touches with graffiti and painting techniques.


Digital Arts

Digital drawing, filmmaking, 2D animation, and comic/manga design. Our digital arts program nurtures creativity and technical skills.


Artificial Intelligence

Students will explore AI for ideation, coding, and design, gaining a foundational understanding of this cutting-edge technology.


Game Development

Into the world of game development using tools like Construct2, Roblox Studio, and Core, campers will create their own 2D and 3D games from scratch.


Experience the joy of woodworking with our unique digitalized projects in collaboration with Knock on Wood!

Camp Format


Ch. de la Voie-Creuse, 16, 1202

Camp Schedule:

08h30 à 09h15 : Arrival 
09h15 à 10h30 : Lesson 1
10h30 à 12h00 : Outdoor activities
12h00 à 13h30 : Lunch / Picnic
13h30 à 15h30 : Lesson 2
15h30 à 17h00 : Outdoor activities

Additional Lunch (60 CHF)

MONDAY: Chicken nuggets and rice.
TUESDAY: Spaghetti Bolognese.
WEDNESDAY: Mashed potatoes with meatballs.
THURSDAY: Carbonara (no pork).
FRIDAY: Pizza Margherita.

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