IT Summer Camps

Join the 6th season of STEP / NEXT Academy camps.

A wide variety of courses featuring activities with robotics, drones, filmmaking, coding, game developments, and digital arts. As well as outdoor activities at least 3 hours per day.

Organize your summer schedule with us for a discounted price. Discounts are also valid for group bookings.

What We Offer

Your child will discover the world of future technologies and spend holiday
time learning the new skills while having fun.

Innovative skills

Your child will learn robotics, filmmaking, microelectronics, creating virtual worlds, flying with drones and much more.

Individual approach

Vegetarian/vegan lunch option, pick-up children earlier or later and anything else needed to make it the best experience for you and your child.

Technologies & gadgets

Learning to use technologies and gadgets to create digital content, not just play games. We foster digital creativity, not consumption.

Outdoor sports

We organize 3 hours of activities in the parks on the fresh air in the morning and the afternoon every day of the camp.

Collaborative tasks

We build camp programs around team activities, children have to solve most of the challenges together. This helps them to make new friends.

Experienced teachers

It is a 6th year of our camps in Geneva and we had more than 1500 children during these years enrolled to our courses.

We kindly request that you visit us before the start of the camp to participate in a complimentary trial class. Our goal is to provide your child/children with a positive and enjoyable experience, and we believe that getting to know each other is an important step towards achieving that goal.

Choose Your Camp

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we will get in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm all the details.