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For ages 4.5 to 13

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Robotics, Coding, Digital Arts, 3D Printing, Filmmaking, and much more

Unleash Creativity and Curiosity!


We believe that every child is a genius in the making. Our Maker Space is designed to nurture and harness the boundless potential within each young mind.


Working hours

Craft Factory Geneva

Chemin de la Voie-Creuse 16, 1202

Craft Factory Lausanne

Rue Pré-du-Marché 23, 1004

Educational Principles

Integration Module

Our Integration Module is the foundation of your child’s journey. It encompasses eight foundational topics that pave the way for a successful launch. These topics include robotics, coding, digital arts, filmmaking, 3D design, and game development.

Personalised Educational Trajectory

No two geniuses are alike. After completing the Integration Module, our teachers analyze your child’s performance, strengths, and interests. Based on this analysis, we create a personalized educational trajectory that aligns with child’s talents and aspirations.

Flexible Timing

You can subscribe for 2 to 8 hours per week. Our platform seamlessly fits into your child’s routine, adapting to your family’s lifestyle. The subscription ratio and complexity of the personalized trajectory are tailored based on the number of hours per week.

Inspiring Creativity

We inspire curiosity, encouraging students to push boundaries and dive into the unknown. Our platform fosters an environment where learning is synonymous with adventure, and challenges are stepping stones to innovation.

Passionate Guides

We believe in an organic, interactive approach to education, where guides facilitate learning rather than dictating it. This empowers children to think critically, solve problems, and develop a lifelong love for learning.

Small Group Size

Quality over quantity is our mantra. With a ratio of 7 children per teacher, we ensure an intimate and personalized approach to learning. This allows individual attention and more impactful learning experience.

Topics of Integration Modules

Ages from 4.5 to 6

1.1: Robotics 1: Fan & Mars Rover.
1.2: Draw Your Game.
1.3: Animate Your Drawings.
1.4: Robotics 2: Formula 1 Car.
1.5: Coding Games: Code Karts.
1.6: Simple Machines: Catapult.
1.7: Coding Games: PJMasks Academy.
1.8: Robotics 3: Game Joystick.

Ages from 7 to 9

2.1: LEGO Robotics: Controlling Motors.
2.2: LEGO Robotics: Sensors.
2.3: Pixel Art.
2.4: Generative AI Storytelling.
2.5: Microelectronics with Micro:bits.
2.6: Wix Websites.
2.7: Coding with Minecraft Education.
2.8: Game Development with Roblox Studio.

Ages from 10 to 13

3.1: Generative AI Storytelling.
3.2: 3D Design with MagicaVoxel.
3.3: Microelectronics with Arduino: Part 2.
3.4: Digital Arts with Krita.
3.5: Coding on Python.
3.6: Game Development with GDevelop.
3.7: Blog on WordPress.
3.8: Game Development with Unreal Engine.

Pricing Format

The subscription fee is to be paid on a monthly basis (10 months in total) .
The price depends on the number of hours per week.

1-2 hours per week

25 CHF per hour

2-3 hours per week

22.5 CHF per hour

+3 hours per week

20 CHF per hour

+4 hours per week

15 CHF per hour

The initial payment amounting to the equivalent of two months’ fees.

Feedback From the Parents

We send our son to both the week-long camps during school holidays as well as the regular Wednesdays and it’s been an excellent addition to his learning and development.
In addition, our son really enjoys attending and whilst he’s exhausted at the end of the day (also a bonus), he’s always very eager to go back.
The teachers are attentive to individual needs and very approachable with queries/questions.
Very highly recommended.

– Richard

Feedback From the Parents

A year ago I came to know about the academy – it caught my attention as it was a school, not like other. Its aim is teaching kids of all ages about subjects of the future: digital arts, science, robotics, 3D printing, and other computer science topics. I have a son of 7 years old, and this is a perfect match for his passion to computers; as well as to my believes as a parent – the future is in tech. Since the first day my son and I fell in love with the school – the engaging and educating lessons, friendly athmosphere and all the things kids get to learn. I am as a parent super happy that he is not just passively playing, but creating and using his imagination.

I highly recommend this school – if your child has technical mind – this is a place for him/her to be a part of for sure.

– Olga

Feedback From the Parents

My child started information technology education when he was 6 years old. If you want your kids are ready for their future, you should consider IT education at early age. And if you are worried about PC, tablet, cellphone in hands of your kids, than it is even more important they understand that information technology is not only that.

– Silvia

Feedback From the Parents

You may say it’s too much for your kid to be exposed to robotics or 3D modeling at such a young age. Well, it is not! They learn here more than just having fun with a sensor based LEGO machine, or fly a drone till batteries dry-out. They learn in a fun way how to identify, and set priorities, how to process and take decisions, put the basis of logical sequencing of activities, how to plan, the cause-effect principles, enhance creativity, they socialize with others.

– Eduard

Feedback From the Parents

Super school to teach your children the basics of new technologies and allow them to familiarize themselves with the fascinating world of computers, videos, internet which will be their daily life of tomorrow.

– Frederic

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