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Unlocking the Potential of ChatGPT is a 2-hour interactive session designed to introduce you to the fascinating world of AI language models through ChatGPT. In this workshop, you will learn how ChatGPT works, its capabilities, and its potential to revolutionize the way we communicate with machines and work. 

No prior technical knowledge is required, as the workshop is designed for general audiences. All you need is an interest in learning about AI and its potential for the future.

What amazing content will you create with ChatGPT in our Workshop’s

Resume assistance

Craft resumes, by inputting their work experience and having the AI suggest ways to optimize their wording or highlight their achievements.

Chatting with ChatGPT

Interact with ChatGPT by typing in questions and seeing how the AI responds in real-time.

Writing assistance

Use ChatGPT to help with writing tasks, such as generating ideas for a story or providing synonyms for a particular word.

Legal document review

Input legal documents, such as rental agreements or contracts, and have ChatGPT provide a summary of the key terms and potential risks.

Language learning

Input sentences or phrases in a foreign language, and have ChatGPT provide translations, pronunciation tips, and even conversation practice.

Personal finance

Input income and expenses, and have ChatGPT provide advice on budgeting, saving, and investing.

Product research

Input a product they are considering purchasing, and have ChatGPT provide reviews, pricing information, and alternative options.

Travel planning

Input travel preferences and budget, and have ChatGPT suggest itineraries and activities based on their preferences.

Health advice

Input symptoms or medical questions, and have ChatGPT provide advice on what actions to take or what specialists to see.

Join us to explore the possibilities of AI-powered conversations and unlock the potential of ChatGPT!

Workshop’s СhatGPT

CHF 50.00

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Location: IT STEP Academy, Rue Richard-Wagner, 1, 4eme etage, CH-1202