3D Design and Printing with SketchUp!

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life? Our 6-week course on 3D Design and Printing with SketchUp is the perfect opportunity to dive into the exciting world of 3D modeling and fabrication.

Details of the course

Experience hands-on 3D printing, use provided designs, enjoy weekly sessions, and benefit from personalized attention in small classes of up to 6 students.


3D Printed Projects

Every project will be 3D-printed on a small scale for initial testing. Once perfected, you can print your designs on a larger scale.

Weekly Sessions:

Classes are held once a week, providing ample time for learning, practice, and project completion.

Ready-to-Use Designs:

Designs are provided to help you get started quickly. Customize them to suit your unique vision.

Small Class Size:

With a maximum of 6 people per class, you’ll receive personalized attention and support.


Why Join Our Course?

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, 3D printing and design are revolutionizing industries from art and engineering to medicine and education.

Our course will guide you step-by-step through the process of designing, refining, and printing your own 3D creations using SketchUp, a user-friendly and powerful 3D modeling software.

Week 1: Introduction to SketchUp and Basic Shapes

Project: Custom Keychain – Reference Link

Learn the basics of SketchUp, including navigating the interface and creating basic shapes.
Use the push/pull tool to add depth to shapes.
Create and manipulate text in 3D.
Understand how to prepare and export a model for 3D printing.


Week 2: Intermediate SketchUp Tools and 3D Printing Basics

Project: Phone Stand

Gain proficiency with intermediate SketchUp tools such as the follow-me tool and offset tool.
Learn to group objects for better organization and manipulation.
Understand the basics of model preparation for 3D printing, including scaling and orientation.

Week 3: Creating Functional Objects

Project: Desk Organizer for Tiny Pieces

Apply knowledge to design functional, multi-compartment objects.
Use precise dimensions and measurements to ensure practicality.
Learn to create and manage multiple components within a single design.
Prepare a complex model for 3D printing.

Week 4: Advanced Design Techniques

Design a Mini Planter with Decorative Elements

Incorporate decorative elements and patterns into functional designs.
Understand how to create hollow structures and manage wall thickness.
Ensure designs are watertight and suitable for 3D printing.
Experiment with textures and surface details.

Week 5: Advanced Design Techniques

Project: Decorative Lampshade

Create intricate designs and apply textures and patterns in SketchUp.
Understand the effects of material thickness on light diffusion.
Experiment with translucent materials and light interplay.
Ensure the design is optimized for 3D printing with a focus on aesthetics and functionality.

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