Online 3D Camp

Exciting Adventure for Children Aged 11+

Online 3D Camp offers a unique and fun way for children to learn 3D modeling and printing. Children will design their own projects, and we will print them in Geneva and send them to you by post.

Details of the Course

Experience hands-on 3D-modeling and 3D printing, design your own projects and receive them 3D printed.



Every day from Monday to Friday
10:00-12:00 & 14:00-16:00

Support Hours:

If you have questions concerning usage of the software or have technical challenges, we are happy to assist from 16:20 to 18:00

3D Printed Projects

All the projects will be delivered to you by post within 10 days after the course completion

Going Beyond:

Your child can design up to 10 projects after the camp during the next month and we will print them as well.


3D printing gives children a sense of accomplishment by allowing them to create their own models and designs. This course introduces them to the exciting world of digital arts and creativity, fostering their imagination and technical skills.

Course Curriculum

Day 1: 3D Modeling with MagicaVoxel

Lesson 1: A Simple House
Introduction to the interface and basic tools of MagicaVoxel
Step-by-step creation of a basic house model
Customizing the house with colors and textures

Lesson 2: Design a Fantasy Character
Exploring advanced tools and features in MagicaVoxel
Designing and modeling a fantasy character
Adding details and textures to bring the character to life


Day 2: Advance Techniques in MagicaVoxel

Project 3: Create a Castle in MagicaVoxel
Designing the foundation and main structure of the castle
Adding towers, walls, gates, and windows
Customizing with textures and colors for a detailed finish

Day 3: First Projects in Tinkercad

Project 4: Create Personalized Keychains
Introduction to Tinkercad’s interface and basic functions
Incorporating names, shapes, and favorite symbols
Adding decorative elements and textures

Project 5: Create Bookmarks
Design flat bookmarks with customised shapes and cut-out patterns.



Day 4: Advanced Projects in Tinkercad

Project 6: Pencil Topper
Select a playful shape, such as a star, animal, or initials
Create a cylindrical base
Incorporate additional small shapes or details onto the main design.

Project 7: Build a 3D Puzzle
Create individual 3D puzzle pieces using cubes
Double-check the dimensions and alignment
Use Tinkercad’s alignment and grouping tools to virtually assemble the puzzle pieces

Day 5: Custom Action Figure

Project 7: Design a Personalized Phone Stand
Creating a functional and decorative phone stand
Exploring various design elements for stability and aesthetics
Personalizing with names, shapes, and additional features

Project 8: Design an Action Figure
Designing a detailed action figure with movable joints
Customizing the figure with clothing, accessories, and facial features
Ensuring parts fit together properly

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