As the tumultuous waves of war swept over the beautiful land of Ukraine, Next Academy (ex IT STEP Academy), once a thriving part of a global enterprise, found itself plunged into an abyss of uncertainty. Our vibrant Swiss business, spanning across five cantons, had flourished, promising prosperity and progress. The year 2022, however, brought an unfathomable tragedy – a single day of devastation that razed our plants to the ground, mirroring the heartbreaking fate that befell countless cities, families, and lives.

Yet, our resolve remained unbroken. In the face of adversity, we turned to collaboration with extraordinary organizations that have illuminated the path towards renewal. The bond with All Special Kids, Reborn Ukraine, the synergy with Institute international de Lancy, and the symbiosis with esteemed institutions like Ecole Moser, College St.-Louis, Ecole Beit Yosef Girsa, and Foundation Le Cenacle,”have become beacons of hope in our journey.

With gratitude, we extend our appreciation to the seamless partnership with Hospice général and the Bureau de l’intégration et de la citoyenneté. Their unwavering support and dedication have exemplified the true essence of unity in diversity.

As the sun sets on this pivotal year, Next Academy stands at a crossroads. A decision has been made to close our commercial pursuits, allowing us to redirect our resources, energy, and passion towards a nobler cause – the rekindling of the embers of education. Amidst the labyrinth of challenges, one incident served as a piercing wake-up call that resounded deep within our hearts. The somber day when a missile found its mark on the very school attended by one of our employees in Odesa, shattered any lingering doubts.

However, our vision extends far beyond borders and boundaries. We dare to dream of replicating this endeavor in nations ravaged by the scourge of war, for education is the beacon that guides children through the darkest nights. Time is of the essence, for as conflict persists, the potential of countless young minds remains untapped. We are resolute in our conviction that education must not wait or be delayed.

In this message, we extend an open invitation to all who share our passion, our mission, and our vision. Let us embark on a journey together, transcending differences, and working towards a world where the echoes of war are drowned out by the symphony of knowledge, compassion, and renewal.

Yours in solidarity,
Next Academy