The website is the face of the brand

Website Creation

Our team has been developing websites for over 5 years. Our clients are: “Rixos Prykarpattya”, “Edem Resort Medical & SPA”, TM “Shkolaryk” and many others. We will make a site that you will be proud of!

The best works


Communication with the client

During communication with the client, we determine the goals and objectives of the future site, the complexity of web design and animations, the type of site (online store, corporate website, landing page, information portal, business card site). We find out its direct competitors and potential visitors. Choose the domain name of the site. We prepare and sign a contract for the development of the website.

Study of visitors

We determine potential visitors of the site, their age, interests, regions of residence. We look at the “pains” and desires of visitors. We create a user-jorney for each potential visitor (transitions through the pages of the site to the intended goal). Based on the collected information, we develop a fact map to determine the most important landing pages of the site.

Study of competitors

At this stage we study the client’s competitors. The age of their sites, the range of goods, their advantages and disadvantages, the structure of the sites, the structure of each page. We also find out the key search queries by which competitors are promoted in the search. We determine the number of visitors who come to competitors’ websites every month. We find out the presence of errors in the internal optimization of competitors’ sites.

Development of architecture

Based on the information received, we develop the architecture of the entire site (which pages will be on the site, which pages will be in the “Main” menu of the site, whether there will be a sub-menu, the presence of a Blog on the site, determine the linking of each page). Then we develop the architecture of each page (the location of the “call to action” buttons, feedback forms, videos, information blocks).

Development of web design

Based on the architecture, the UX design of the website is developed. The visitor should intuitively understand which button to press to get the information he needs. It should take 1-2 clicks to go to the pages of the site that sell.
Next, we create UI design. The visitor should not only be comfortable working with the elements of the resource, but also the overall visual style should attract and keep the client on the site.

Ordering a website from us you will get 

Original design

Beautiful and modern design of the project taking into account all your wishes


Loading pages of our projects is less than 1-2 seconds, which positively affects the behavioral factor and website promotion.

SEO optimization

Proper website optimization to increase positive indexing by search engines


Loading and correct display of the site on all mobile devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones


100% quality guarantee of our work, many years of experience in software development

Learning to work with the site

Consultation on filling the site with information through the management system

Cross-browser compatibility

Each site is configured to display correctly in all popular browsers:

Basic website content

Filling the main pages and sections of the site to demonstrate the work of the site management system

Technical support

A convenient Content Management System (CMS) is provided for site management

Landing page development


Landing Page is a separate page specially designed to provide the visitor with the minimum necessary amount of information about a product or service, to interest him, to retain him and to encourage him to take the necessary action. Landing page is developed for a specific advertising campaign, if it is necessary to urgently sell (offer) a large number of a certain product. Landing Page greatly increases the conversion of traffic when promoting the site (average figures for landing page 5-10%).

Development of a corporate website 


Development of a corporate website
Corporate website development is one of the priority activities of our studio. We help companies enter the digital market and acquaint users with the products and services of the business. With the help of a corporate website, companies increase their brand awareness, increase trust from customers or investors, and improve their image.

Development of an online store


Ordering an online store in our company you get a fully ready for sale trading platform. The impeccable UX design of our products allows visitors to intuitively browse products, read the necessary information about the benefits of your company, add products to the cart and make a purchase.
A beautiful UI design, which is developed according to the latest fashionable world trends, will delight the eye of your client and have him to buy in your online store

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