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Digital Marketing

Course in Switzerland


Keeping up-to-date on online marketing –

from PPC to UX. Open up digital tools.

Promote your business online.

Who should choose this course?

For beginners

Who want to start a career in digital and have the support of industry experts

For young professionals

Who are already working in marketing, but aim to take knowledge to a new level and earn more

For entrepreneurs

who want to promote their product or service and understand how to control marketing teams and contractors

During the course, you will study the main areas of Internet marketing

What will you study

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

This block will help you understand the features of promoting goods and services through key social networks – Facebook and Instagram. You get an answer to the question “How to make social networks not only amusing in terms of content, but also profitable”

  • Overview of social networks and platforms
  • Building a social media strategy
  • Content Plan
  • Promotion in social networks
  • Advertising in social networks
  • PR in social networks
  • Automation of work in social networks
PPC (Pay Per Click)

You will learn everything that is important to know about contextual advertising.

  • Block content
  • Google Ads – Intro
  • Google Ads – Advanced
  • Display advertising in Google Ads
  • Why You Need YouTube and Video Ads
  • Tools for eCommerce
  • Price aggregators, product advertising, CPA, teasers
Digital SEO strategies

Search engine optimization brings good results, but only if you do it “in the long run” and are ready to invest time and resources in SEO optimization. In this block, we will talk about how to effectively use SEO for online business promotion.

  • Basics of SEO
  • Internal optimization
  • Website structure optimization. Outdoor optimization
  • Methods of UX research (survey of the target audience, Google Analytics)
  • Website analysis, SEO audit
UX (User Experience)

Your sites, platforms, and apps can have super content and be really interesting to users, but just one UX mistake can deprive your business of potential customers.

  • What is User Experience, differences between AI, UX, UI
  • Relationship of UX with other online marketing tools
  • Basics of UX Tools
  • Methods of UX research (survey of the target audience, Google Analytics)
  • Designing user portraits, customer journey map
  • Usability testing
Email marketing

Newsletters bring in money, increase your brand awareness and work as an effective channel of communication with the audience, but only when you clearly understand how to use this tool.

  • Basic concepts of e-mail marketing
  • A set of e-mail marketing tools
  • How to build a subscriber base
  • Email creation, email analytics
Content Marketing

Content is not only text and a picture to have somebody’s attention. Content marketing is a strategy. It’s how, when and what exactly you communicate to your audience, and most importantly – why.

  • Internal text content
  • External text content
  • Select TV (Tone of Voice)
  • Inbound marketing

Chatbots save time and resources for your team, save you money, and automate standard business processes. The chatbot helps the user to quickly find the necessary information and solve important issues without the involvement of a manager.

  • Why chatbots are needed
  • Chatbots for various messengers (Facebook, Telegram, etc.)”
  • Step by step creation of bots

How o track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and what indicators you can rely on. We will also talk about sales tunnels: what they are and what they are for.

  • GTM (Google Tag Manager): what is it, why is it needed, an analysis of its features
  • Attribution models and multi-channel funnels
  • Deep study of the behavioral factors of the audience

After graduation


Website audience and create its portrait


Promotion of business and speak with marketers in one language


Google Ads advertising campaigns, evaluate performance


data about the audience and analyze it


Detailed analysis of advertising campaigns


Internal and external search engine optimization


and implement a digital strategy and content plan


on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and via e-mail newsletter